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Zemel' (Rovno, Vladimir, Kovel', Vinnitsa) M: see Shmuel'zon. A:, O: zeml [Yiddish] roll, small white loaf {Zemel'man, Zimel'man, Zemler; Zemmel'}. (Source: Beider, Alexander. A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire. Teaneck, NJ: Avotaynu, 1993)

Zemel is the 44,799th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 85.039 [SourceCBN]

This is the Zemel family web site.  As the family genealogist for my family, here is some information about the parts of my family.

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bulletTzvi Aryeh Zemel, probably born in Lublin, Poland, had at least 7 children, and I was told by some, at least 13. The only ones of which I know are my great-grandfather Nathan Zemel and his siblings Chunna Zemel, Moshe Zemel, Rivka Zemel, Menasha Zemel, Yosef Zemel, and Gussy Zemel Friedman.  For additional information on the early Zemel's in the United States, see the transcript of Pearl Zemel Bier talking with Sarah Chausmer Chernin. Also, Charlotte County, Florida  wanted to have a road between the Tammiami Trail and Burnt Station Road.   Abe and Charles Zemel agreed to dedicate the road for free. This is called Zemel Road (and there is also a Zemel Road Landfill (large pdf)). Then,Charlotte county condemned part of the property which is now the Zemel Road Landfill.

bullet I think Louis and Bella Gruber also came from Lublin. The only children I know of who were theirs include Margaret Gruber Zemel, Hershal Gruber, Esther Gruber Katz, Sara Gruber Tuck, and Shea Gruber.



bullet I have little knowledge about Benjamin Kahne other than he was married to Pauline Bleier.


bullet Issachar Baer Freund came from Bohemia. He had two children of which I know: Loebl Freund and Samuel (Schmuel) Freund.  My cousin, Andy Schwartz, is the primary genealogist for the Freund family. Click here to go to his site.



bullet Solomon Kamzan and Ethel Gorelick came to the US from Odessa, Russia. They changed their last name to Kamzan. The research I've done has shown that all people with the last name Kamzan are related and are descendants of Solomon.
bullet The Gorelicks came from Shadrin, Minska Burnia, Russia. Ethel's first cousins were Sophie Gorelick Turock, Anna Gorelick Weinstein, and Fannie Gorelick Goldberg.



bullet David and Abe Pusar were brothers; and they came from Ikatrinaslav, Russia. Abe's children were Clara Rose Pusar Topal, Alex Pusar, Max Pusar, Rivka Pusar, Betty Pusar, and Sarah Pusar. David's children were Morris Pusar, Rebecca Pusar Brodsky, Clara Pusar Kamzan, Philip Pusar, and Meyer Pusar.
bullet Harry Serota came from Zashkow, Russia. He was married twice. The first time he had at least three children - two males and Liba Serota Subotnick. From the second marriage he had six children, Gittel Serota, Anna Serota Pusar, George Aaron Serota, Nathan Sirota, Morris Serota, and Ida Serota Mostov.



bullet Shraga Feivel Weiselman came from Kosov, Austria. He had six children, Moses Wieselman, Shloime Wieselman, Perel Wieselman, Chaitzya Wieselman Thau, Chaim Leib Wieselman, and Miriam Weiselman.
bullet Mechel Schechter (who came from Wizenitz, Poland) and Miriam Koffler (who came from Roznow, Poland) had six children: Gertrude Schechter Weiselman, Rachel Schechter Hornstein, Rose Schechter Thau, Pearl Schechter Reiter, Abraham Schechter, and Anna Schechter Rasp.


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bullet I think that Eliezer Koffler (late 1700s) and his sons Joseph and Eliezer came from Roznow, Poland.


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