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bulletThe Gold Family web site
bulletPnina Gold is my second cousin once removed on the Koffler side of the family. She has some great shots of the family.
bulletStephen Schwartz and Charles Schwartz's web sites
bulletOn the Freund side of the family, quite a few folks have web sites. Stephen Schwartz is my fourth cousin and has a photo and some work stuff on his site. Charles Schwartz is also a fourth cousin. His site is also mostly work related.
bulletMichael Zemel
bulletMichael Zemel is my first cousin on the Zemel side.  This is his a mostly work site.
bulletFred Zemel
bulletMy bother Fred Zemel's web site.
bullet Abby Zemel and Jason Sparkes
bulletTheir wedding site
bullet Old Newark
bulletInteresting link about Laurel Garden in old Newark and Charlie Zemel's interest there



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