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Some Family Photos

L-R Joe Zemel, Barbara Mange, Gladys Barker, Irv Barker, Franklin Mange - Sept 14 1997

L-R Susie Littmann Schulte, Amy Cohen, Millard Cohen, Andrew Schwartz, Ellen Jane Schwartz, Alfred Schwartz, Deborah Schwartz - April 1998

Family Gathering - Sept 13 1997

L->R, Front to Back - Sidney Freund, Alfred Schwartz, Jean Agasteun, Franklin Mange, Jerold Goldenhersh, Ellen Jane Schwartz, Robert Lewin, Betsy Cohen, Bruce Cohen, Dorthy Freund, Joe Zemel

2nd Row: Fred Freund, Gladys Barker, Natalie Freund

3rd Row: Arthur Silverblatt, Terry Holdenhersh, Kay Freund, Sue Marcus

4th Row: Jerry Marcus, Marjorie Silverblatt, Barbara Mange, Michael Freund, Debbie Schwartz, Andy Schwartz

Ricky and Cathy Meyer - Sept 13 1997

Paul Freund

Freund Reunion 1992

Esther Steiner Teague Family

Back row L to R: Jane (dau), John, Brian, Mary (dau), Mary (Chas' wife), Charles (son), Andy Harding, Billy Shoemake and Barbara (dau).

Front Row: Ann, Taylor, Tara, Jill, Esther, Brett and Collin.

Her children with their spouses and children. Esther is the daughter of Alvin Isaac Steiner and Grace Black Steiner.

December 1998

Sylvan and Sylvia Zemel

Taken in May 1997 in Knoxville, TN

Cynthia, Ellen Jane, Anna and Kris at Arielle's wedding

Cynthia Montorio, Ellen Jane (Freund) Schwartz, Anna Schwartz, Kristine Schwartz at Arielle's wedding on 27 May 2001 in Boulder, CO

Debbie Schwartz, Michael Schwartz

On 27 May 2001 in Boulder, CO

Arielle and Bruce, just married

L -> R Steve and Sherry Schwartz, Arielle Schwartz and Bruce Feistner, Ellen Jane (Freund) and Alfred Schwartz on 27 May 2001 in Boulder, CO

In the pool at Westmoreland -- final swim

Ellen and Alfred Schwartz, Charles and Kris Schwartz, David Blick on July 24, 2002 at the Westmoreland house, University City

David Blick, Anna Schwartz, Leah Silverblatt, Art Silverblatt, Charles and Kris Schwartz

On July 24, 2002 in University City (MO)

Anna Schwartz and Leah Silverblatt

On July 24, 2002 in University City

Art Silverblatt, Anna Schwartz, Leah Silverblatt, Kris and Charles Schwartz

On July 24, 2002 in University City (MO)

Art Silverblatt, daughter Leah Silverblatt, Anna Schwartz, Kris and Charles Schwartz, David Blick

On July 24, 2002 in University City (MO)

Seated: Alfred Schwartz, Kris Schwartz. Standing: Anna Schwartz, Charles Schwartz

On July 27, 2002 in Westmoreland (MO)

Carol Rederer Achtman and Pam Rederer Brandenberger

On August 4, 2002 in San Diego, CA

Joe Zemel (with son Nicolas), Carol Achtman, Andy Schwartz, Pam Rederer Brandenberger

On August 4, 2002 in San Diego at Julie's house

Front row: Zach Topkis, Andy Schwartz, Barbara Sherman Topkis. Back row: Ellen Topkis, Liz Topkis

In San Diego on July 31, 2002

Mark Brandenberger and kids

May 2002 in Irvine, CA

Pam Rederer Brandenberger

May 2002 in Irvine, CA

Bob Rederer

May 2002 in Irvine, CA

Janet and Jerry Hanrahan

May 2002 in Palo Alto, CA

Carol Achtman and Janet Hanrahan

May 2002 in Palo Alto, CA

Carol Rederer Achtman, Paul Armel, Ellen Achtman and Susan Achtman with puppy Pepper.

Plantation Farm, Sonoma County, California in April 2001

Misha White

July 3, 2001 at the Colorado National Monument

Alisa Zemel

On July 3, 2001 at the Colorado National Monument


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