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Some Family Photos

Joe Zemel and Elaine Fenster at 2001 reunion

Carol Achtman and Paul Armel at 2001 reunion

Ellen Jane and Alfred Schwartz and 2001 reunion

2001 Family Reunion

to r..Front row: Jean Agatstein, Barbara Mange

Back row: Larry Mange, Franklin Mange, Martin Mange, Mary Agatstein, Willy

Agatstein (the four young girls are Lauren and Jessie Agatstein and Maggie

and Erica Mange but not sure who is who)

2001 Family Reunion

L->R Susan Waterman, Jessica Waterman, Florence Gutfreund, Nathan Gutfreund

2001 Family Reunion

L->R Front row: Harold Schneider,

Natalie Freund, Peter Barker, Julie Barker, Alan Barker, Linda Freund. L->R Back row: Jimmy Freund, Michael Freund, Nancy Siteman

2001 Family Reunion

L to R Front row: Sue Marcus, Scott Cohen, Betsy Heller Cohen,

Greg Cohen Back row: Bruce Cohen, Fred Heller

2001 Family Reunion

Standing L->R: Elaine Fenster, Charles Schwartz, Joe Zemel

Sitting L->R: Rick Meyer, Andrew Meyer, Cathy Meyer, Marjory Meyer, and Danny and David Barker

2001 Family Reunion

L->R: Peggy Jacobson, Carol Achtman, Paul Armel, Jerold Goldenhersh, Jeanne Stokols, and Terry Goldenhersh

2001 Family Reunion

Standing L->R: Judy Greenberg and Alice Freund

Sitting L->R: Joann Freund, Richard Freund, Francoise Friedman, Richard Friedman, Larry Barker

2001 Family Reunion

Top - Suzanne and Alden Cohen

Bottom L->R Myra Cohen, Amy Cohen, and Matt Godbee

2001 Family Reunion

L->R - Marjorie Wolman, Punky Wolman, Nancy Kalishman, Sarah Freund, Julie Freund, Louis Freund

2001 Family Reunion

Standing L->R: Dallas Mange, Rich Mange, Sis Mange

Sitting L->R: Debbie Schwartz, Andy Schwartz, Judy Mange

2001 Family Reunion

L to R--Front row: Dorothy Freund, Don Roth, Fred Freund, Alfred

Schwartz, Ellen Jane Schwartz, Sidney Freund

Back row: Kay Freund, Sidney Greenberg, Dorothy Greenberg, Gladys Barker

2001 Family Reunion

L->R Ron, Kathy, Rachel and Aaron Hartmann


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