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Some Family Photos

Meyer and Ray Pusar

Hannah and Phil Pusar

L-R Ray, Estelle, and Meyer Pusar

L-R Abraham Menelson, Hannah and Phil Pusar

Ray and Meyer Pusar

L-R Meyer Pusar, Heshy and Bernard Kamzan, Phil Pusar, Seyour Kamzan

Elsie Brodsky and her kids

Elsie Brodsky, David Moss, Rosalind Moss (older girl), Susan Moss

Kamzan's, Serota's, Kamzan's, and Pusar's

L-R Back row - Seymour Kamzan, Morris Serota, Meyer Pusar, Abe and Clara Kamzan, Edward and Morris Brodsky (Brody). In fron if Seymour is Hilda Mostov. In front of Hilda and around table, Philip and Hannah, Marilyn, Estelle, and Ray Pusar, Bobby, Mac, Betty, and Rebecca Brody (Cookie), Elsie Brodsky, Rosalind and Susan Moss. On floor, David Moss. Man in front, Abraham Mendelson (Hannah Pusar's father)

Allen Pusar

L-R Harry, Sonia, Morris, Al, and Esther Pusar

Judy Kamzan and David Moss

Elise Brodsky Moss

Elsie Brodsky

Morris Brodsky

Heshey Kamzan's wedding

Heshey being held by Abe and Clara Kamzan. Right is one of Lillian Kamzan's sisters and to the left is her husband.

Morris and Betty Brodsky

George and Rose Serota

Parents - George and Rose Serota

Baby - Gertrude Serota, boy in back - Herman Serota, girl standing - Sadie Serota, boy standing - Fishel Serota, girl sitting - Eva Serota - Russisa in 1912

Wedding of Harry and Jean Singer – December 25, 1935

Left side sitting – Sam and Yetta Singer

Children in front – Marilyn and Jerome Feldman

Back row left – Abe and Nellie Beier, Joe and Florence Singer, Dave and Ruth Singer, Harry and Esther Feldman

Right front next to Jean Singer – Liba Serota and Zalman Subotnick

Scott and Gayle Alter’s Wedding – Nov 26, 1995

Front row – Beth Neugass and Jean Singer

Back Row – Rob Neugass holding Holly Neugass, Ed Greenwald, Gayle Alter, Scott Alter, Priscilla Greenwald, Brian Alter

David and Anna Pusar and their children and families

Left to right

Back row - Herman Bazerman, Al and Alice Pusar, Savie and Eva Serota, Mac and Florence Brodsky, Elsie Brodsky, Harold Kamzan, Tillie and Harry Pusar

2nd row from back – Esther holding Lila Bazerman, Abe Kamzan, Sonia Pusar, Betty Brodsky, Morris holding Edward Brodsky, Sam Brodsky, Hannah and Ray Pusar, Bernard Kamzan

3rd row from back – Clara and Seymour (boy) Kamzan, Morris Pusar, Anna and David Pusar, Rebecca Brodsky, Philip Pusar, Meyer Pusar

Front row on floor – Marilyn (Muddie) Pusar, Arnold Pusar, Norman Pusar

Al and Alice Pusar

Elsie and Lester Moss (Moskowitz)

Muriel and Dave Gorowitz


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