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Family Records

Invention by Henry Zemel

Nathan Zemel's Naturalization

Sura, Ruchel, Chaya, and Rivka Zemel immigration (ship) manifest - Part 1

Sura, Ruchel, Chaya, and Rivka Zemel immigration (ship) manifest - Part 2

Zemel's on trial in 1906

Info on Meyer Zemel's shooting

From The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston WV on April 6, 1940

Info on Meyer Zemel's shooting

From The Helena Independant from Helena Montana on April 7, 1940

Article: Abe Zemel shot

Article: Meyer Zemel shot

Nathan Zemel's 1920 Cencus

Joseph and Brina Zemel - 1930 Census

Charles Zemel census from 1920

Charles Zemel census from 1930

Fred, Jeanette, and Gilbert and Joel Ehrenkranz

1920 Census

Bella Chausmer's 1930 Census

Includes Margaret Zemel, Joseph Zemel, Pearl, Horace, and Gilbert Bier

Edward Zemel's 1930 US Census

Abraham Zemel 1930 US Census

Beryl Zemel's 1930 US Census

Nathan and Abraham Zemel's 1920 US Census

Nathan Zemel's 1910 US Census

Nathan Zemel 1900 US Census

Philip Zemel 1930 US Census

Sam Zemel 1930 US Census

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