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Freund graves

Most first 4 graves are in the Grove Street Cemetery in Newark, NJ.  The rest are at the New Mount Sinai Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

Leopold and Daniel Bleier grave - from a distance

Leopold and Daniel Bleier grave - up close

Matilda Bleier Metz grave

Sophia (Freund) Bleyer and Emma Wolf grave

Florence Rossen grave

Bertha Freund Wolf grave

Nannie Freund grave

Margaret Freund grave

Arthur Freund grave

Fannie Freund grave

Fred Freund grave

Marvin Freund grave

Eda Freund grave

Morris Freund grave

Leopold Freund grave

Hannah Freund grave

Edward Freund grave

Janet Dahl grave

Phillip Dahl grave

Bernard and Jeanette Weil graves

Simon Freund and Babette Freund grave

Eliza Fleischmanns grave

Morris and Sylvia Epstein graves

Leon Glenn Jacobson grave

Bernard and Shirley Jacobson graves

Tillie Weil Jacobson grave

Max Weil grave

Alma Weil Loeb grave

Edith Hoffman Jacobson grave

Ellis and Roslyn Littmann graves

Ellis Littmann grave

Roslyn Littmann grave

Newton Freund grave

Goldie Freund grave

Louis Freund grave

Bella Freund grave

Henrietta Freund Roth grave

Otto Gutfreund grave

Jennie Gutfreund grave

Paul Freund grave

Charles Freund grave

Hulda Freund grave

Virginia Freund grave

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