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Family Records - for the Freund, Kahne (Kahn), and Bleier (Bleyer) families

Benjamin Kahne's 1920 census

See last line.

Pauline and Dorthy Kahne

See first 2 lines.

Benjamin, Pauline, and Irene Kahne's 1900 Census

Benjamin Khane 1900 US Census

Benjamin Khane and Dorthy Krieg's 1930 US Census

Rena Kahn (Zemel)'s birth certificate

Leopold Bleyer death record

2nd to last line (line 1415)

Daniel Bleyer death record

Line number 2148

Bleier in the 1870 NJ Federal Census

Line 25

Simon and Pauline Freund 1900 Page 1 federal census

Simon and Pauline Freund 1900 Page 2 federal census

Simon and Bebette Freund 1900 census

Simon Freund immigration record

Leopold Freund immigration record

Jesse Freund immigration record

Moritz Freund immigration record

Caroline Freund's immigration record

Love Freund's immigration record

Emma Bleyer's marriage record

Freund's in the 1870 Missouri census

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